Friday, September 09, 2011

Trying to keep clean in Miami [UPDATED]

UPDATED @ 6:25pm:
A reader has a left a comment below that might help explain why the woman is standing nude on her front porch while holding a water jug:
"You might want to say, “Keep it clean!” instead. She appears to be taking a bath. (see the water running off the porch.)"
Good explanation.

A further examination of the Google photo shows quite a few 5 gallon plastic buckets on the keft side of the house. It's quite possible that water to the house has been shut off and they use the buckets to store water. Mystery solved? Perhaps.


Google's street view camera captures Miami woman nude.

One of my Facebook friends tipped me off to this.

I asked a Miami blogger who also happens to be an attorney for his thoughts on whether or not the woman has a reasonable expectation to privacy on her front porch.

He wrote: "It's never fantastic-looking people who do that kind of stuff, is it?

"I would say no -- the individual is in public view, and presumably the photographer was not on that person's property."

A blogger who writes about photographers' rights and privacy issues also shares his thoughts here.

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  1. You might want to say, “Keep it clean!” instead. She appears to be taking a bath (see the water running off the porch). Perhaps shower drain is stopped up. That happens. Google grabbed her in at least 6 shots. She sees the camera car and ducks back inside between two of the shots.
    Neat street, even if some of the homes are seedy.

  2. The bathing comment above makes perfect sense, and I noticed elsewhere another explanation that makes even more sense and adds possible detail on exactly what/why she was standing outside naked.

    Notice the storm windows on the house are in the closed position, and there's a small, charcoal grill out back that's been used recently. The house is without power, which means the water pumps aren't working. A storm probably recently went through, maybe even a hurricane, which means in Florida a person can be without power for days, even a week depending on the severity. So she's cooking out back with the grill and using bottled water to take a quick bath. I'm guessing no one lives directly across from her, or if they did maybe she knew they weren't home, so she felt she had some privacy. She stepped outside with her bottle of water for a quick rinse, and darned if the damn Google truck didn't roll right on by!

  3. @ Anon at 3:33pm - good catch. we haven't had any hurricanes come through here in a few years. But I'm guessing that the power AND the water have both been turned off which is not unheard of in this neighborhood.

  4. Your attorney pal is kind of a dick, no?

    Let's get some naked photos of HIM, so we can critique his bod while he tries to keep clean with no power or water on in his home.

    Yeah, I'm sticking with Miss Miami there. Just a hunch.

  5. You are Miami's viral post king! Congrats.


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