Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Gretchen Carlson of Fox News a hypocrite, .... idiot, or all of the above?

Wednesday morning on "Fox and Friends," she opened her pie hole again without knowing what she was talking about.

Speaking of President Obama's early Wednesday appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Carlson said, "I think it's nutso."

"I think it's very effective for President Obama," she remarked later. "I personally do not agree with the highest office of the land, the most important figure in the world going on these comedy shows. I think it lowers the status of the office."

You mean like this, Gretchen?

Of course, with some minimal fact-checking, Carlson would have learned that many U.S. presidents have engaged in schtick on TV.

But, as we all know by now, the stupidity of Fox News hosts is exceeded only by that of the people who watch Fox.

Let's go to the tape.

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