Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Julia Child's 100th birthday today, so don't forget to 'save the liver!'

From Saturday Night Live: Dec. 9, 1978

Welcome. I'm Julia Child. Today, we're going to make a holiday feast, and we're going to start with a half-boned chicken, a fine, fat roasting chicken. Now, first, remove the giblets - and you really should save the giblets. They make a fine stock for soup. Or you can save the liver and fry it up with some onions for a little snack; or if you have a number of livers, you can make a lovely liver pate, or a delicious liverwurst which you can spread on a cracker - a Ritz cracker, a Saltine.. or rye bread, or pumpernickel bread.. or if you're celebrating the Jewish holidays, you can make a chopped liver and shape it into the bust of a friend.. if someone's getting married or bar-mitzvahed. Or, if you have a little cat or a dog, they love liver. Save the liver! Don't throw it away! I hope I've made my point. Don't throw the liver away.

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