Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stephanie Kienzle brings down Myron Rosner

Former North Miami Beach mayor Myron Rosner's jail booking mug shot.

Back during the 2010 Christmas season, some bus bench ads in North Miami Beach caught the attention of blogger Stephanie Kienzle.

Kienzle thought something wasn't quite right about the ads which bore the portrait of NMB mayor Myron Rosner along with a cheesy message wishing residents "Happy Holidays."

Kienzle complained to a TV station, "I don't want to see his ugly mug when I'm getting ready for the holidays." Kienzle also blasted the mayor on her blog,

Rosner retaliated against Kienzle by sending the town's code compliance officers to her home looking for violations.

Kienzle refused to be intimidated and kept after Rosner.

Last year Rosner was defeated in his bid for a second term, but Kienzle kept needling him on her blog.

Today, Rosner was arrested and charged with four felonies and five misdemeanors stemming from the bus bench ads. The charges include unlawful compensation for official behavior, grand theft and falsely reporting campaign expenditures.

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Kienzle told Tim Elfrink at Miami New Times, "I knew from day one there was something really fishy with those signs. I became obsessed with those freaking benches. I was seeing them in my sleep. But I just knew he'd done something wrong."

Miami New Times: Former North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner Charged With Grand Theft

Miami Herald: Former North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner arrested

1 comment:

  1. These two "Scumbag Dawgs", Rosner and Keuhne are like a cancer to society.

    Neither have an ounce of “Honesty” or “Class” between them.

    CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL should know better......when you lay down next to a dawg.....expect to get FLEAS.

    Our court system is sooo corrupt that the trial will probably be moved to Broward.

    Away from any type of influence CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE SARAH ZABEL may have.

    By moving the case to Broward, it will also keep it away from State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle's grip of wishing it all away.

    Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle stated, "All of our campaigns and elections need to follow the laws outlined by the Florida Statutes".

    It sure doesn't sound like she is up for prosecuting this case does it?

    Just an additional note, word has it that the former “FIRED” North Miami Beach Police Chief Hernandez was hired by Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle as an investigator.

    Just imagine this……an investigator investigating his former boss Myron Rosner.

    Oh the tangle web they weave…….CORRUPTION AT ITS’ FINEST!


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