Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Pixels presents The Brian Andrews Style File

Brian Andrews with Diana Castrillón and Maria Paula
Neira in an NTN24 promotional shot.

With a few exceptions, most of Miami's male TV news anchors and reporters look as though they shop for their clothes at a funeral director's yard sale.

At least one well-known Miami anchor appears on the air looking as though he replenishes his wardrobe at stores that advertise, "Buy One Dark Gray Suit at Full Price, and get 3 Dark Gray Suits at HALF OFF!"

Even though TV reporters work in a medium that relies heavily on visuals, some seem to go out of their way to dress down.

But, CBS4 reporter Brian Andrews is one exception.

Andrews, who joined CBS4 last month, worked as an anchor and reporter at WSVN and CBS4 for years before moving to Colombia in 2007 where he worked at RCN, Colombia's national network, and NTN24, RCN's international news channel.

Still under contract to RCN, Andrews returned to South Florida about a year and half ago.

He now splits his time between Colombia and CBS4's Special Projects Unit.

And while most of the CBS4's long-time staffers have known Andrews for years, they weren't prepared for the "new" Brian Andrews.

Gone was the guy who used to wear off-the-rack suits from Shelly Bloom's Fashion Outlet in Wynwood.

Andrews was now doing live shots from crime scenes wearing plum-colored shirts, light-gray jackets with multi-colored pocket squares, and powder blue jackets paired with blue-checked shirts.

Click to enlarge.

And that had Andrews' colleagues talking. One CBS4 anchor called me one night to ask if I'd been watching his station. "Sure," I answered, my eyes rolling towards the ceiling, "I never miss it."

"Well," he asked, "have you noticed the way Brian Andrews is dressing these days?"

I admitted I hadn't noticed, but I promised to look up some of Andrews' past stories online.

The anchor was right. Andrews was definitely marching to the tune of a different fashion drummer.

I got a hold of Andrews and asked him about his fashion choices.

He told me that when he moved to Colombia in 2007, he soon realized he had to re-think his attitudes towards fashion. "I needed to step up my game."

"Image and looks are very important in their culture and if you look like crap, that's the way you're treated," Andrews told me. "On Colombian TV the way you dress is just as important as what you say," he added.

Andrews told me that most of his colleagues are okay with his fashion choices. But he admitted there are a few hold-outs.

One crusty, old school reporter sidled up to him in the newsroom one day last month and snarled, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You're starting to look like Pee Wee Herman."

Brian Andrews shows off what he calls his "nerd glasses."

I asked Andrews if he had any tips for Random Pixels readers who might want to "step up" their fashion game. He emailed me a few pointers which I've made into a chart.

Click to enlarge.

Any other tips?, I asked.

"Sure, I get my glasses from Edward Biener in Brickell. I also have frames I pick up from the outlets on Flagler in downtown Miami. Great deals to be had there."

"The Colombian men's wear designers I like most are...

Carlos Nieto
Ricardo Pava
Paula Mantilla
Lina Cantillo
Kolt Man"

"I also have some jackets from Dominican designer Jose Jhan."

"The key to looking great is having a great tailor. I use a Colombian lady in downtown Miami at Klint Cleaners by the Ross. She's arguably the best in downtown and very reasonable."

"Pocket squares: Huge fan of Etro's collection. And the cheap ones I get for five bucks at Shelly Bloom's fashion clothiers in the design district."

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  1. "One crusty, old school reporter sidled up to him in the newsroom one day last month and snarled, "What the hell do you think you're doing? You're starting to look like Pee Wee Herman."



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