Sunday, September 08, 2013

Things are about to get 'muy Caliente' at the Miami Herald [UPDATE x2]

Logo for Miami Herald's new free Spanish-language tabloid.


UPDATE x1: A Herald insider tells me that last week "the building was plastered with the cheesiest imaginable cover mockups, all in bad taste." As a Hispanic he says he was "offended at the blatant appealing to stereotype --women with the biggest hips story & pix, big women in bikinis with boobs hanging out." When he and his colleagues first saw the posters plastered on bathroom doors and in hallways, they thought it was a joke.


UPDATE x2: Here's a prototype of Caliente that I just received.

Box in lower right-hand corner invites readers to 
"Meet the woman with the world's largest hips."
Click here to enlarge.


On Friday, Miami Herald publisher David Landsberg sent out an email to the newsroom announcing that the paper had come up with a new publication that will pander to the Herald's most neglected and overlooked demographic: Hispanics.

It's a natural. After all, the Herald already has a magazine for rich, white why not Hispanics?

What's next? A magazine called "The 'Hood?"

Here's the email:

From: Landsberg, David
Date: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 7:26 PM
Subject: Caliente
To: MIA All Herald Users

We are excited to announce that beginning Sept. 18, The Miami Herald Media Co. is launching Caliente, a free Spanish-language tabloid, and a fresh idea for our market.

Caliente is fun and makes perfect business sense for us: it targets Spanish preferred readers who currently do not consume our products. The 40-page tabloid features weird local stories (no shortage), loud headlines, celebrity gossip, horoscopes, a relationship column, recipes, immigration information, sports - especially futbol y beisbol - and a bikini model. 
Stories are short, photos and graphics large and vivid. It will be interactive & fun because we will ask readers to participate. Our website will be [Not yet live.]
Our initial launch, at nearly 70,000 copies, will go to homes and businesses and be placed in racks in selected zip codes in Hialeah and Little Havana. We'll share further details on the launch shortly.


[NOTE: GIF was not a part of Landsberg's original email.]

"Stories are short, photos and graphics large and vivid. Futbol y beisbol. And a bikini model." Ay, caramba! Talk about stereotyping. What could possibly go wrong with this?

One thing is certain; this can't possibly be surpassed on the Pandering Scale.


  1. CalienteSemanal is very unfortunately named.

  2. That email is so patronizing. Please tell me this is a joke: Hispanics love short stories about crazy shit and lots pictures of girls in bikinis? Is that it? Who is responsible for this?

    1. Uhhh, have you seen recently?

      I'd like to huff n' puff too but maybe they know what they're doing.

  3. So they have money for this crap, but no money to hire a few more reporters?

  4. Hey, Mr. Landsberg: It's one thing to pander and make money. It's quite another to cheerfully and giddily engage in promoting stereotypes.

  5. Geez, Dave, that's awfully tacky. Why are so sure it's a good idea?


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