Friday, May 30, 2008

Coming soon to a cell phone near you....


We all get those "phishing" e-mails that look so authentic. The most popular ones seem to originate from Bank of America or EBay.

It's a simple scam; the e-mail says your account has been compromised or inactive but if you click on the link and update your account information everythng will be just fine.

Of course savvy computer users aren't fooled by the links that lead to some bogus website in China that's been set up to look like a real Bank of America site.

Most people just hit delete. Especially when the e-mail seems to be from Bank of America and you have a Wachovia account.

But there are always some who are unsophisticated enough to fall for the scam.

And now the "phishers" are trying something different.

They're sending instant "phishing" messages to cell phones.

I shot a photo of my first "phishing" message received yesterday.

A vist to the EPPI Card website shows that they are aware of the problem.And now you've been warned!!!

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