Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today's totally unnecessary story...

...comes to us from ... where else? ... the Herald!

The lede:
"TV news co-anchors Cynthia Demos and Jorge Estevez laugh at each other's jokes, bring each other coffee and launch into deep conversations about diets and dating. They say the bond makes them feel happier about coming to work."
Jorge and Cynthia, it turns out, are "office spouses."

Well, hold the phone and stop the presses!! Co-workers are laughing at each other's jokes? Where in the hell are Woodward and Bernstein when we really need them?

Some of the signs you have an office spouse according to the Herald? "You count each others carbs." Yech!! Way TMI!!!

However, like with so many other Herald stories, it's not what's in the story but rather what's missing. It might have been helpful to know what the real-life spouses of Cynthia and Jorge think of their "office spouses." But adding that tid-bit to the story would have put it dangerously close to journalism which this story is definitely not.

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