Thursday, June 12, 2008

Herald newsroom turns to rooster for help!

Tributes to the Herald's "newsroom rooster" are growing. Photo taken late Thursday afternoon. (click to enlarge)


Still no word on newsroom layoffs or buyouts at the Miami Herald a day after a top McClatchy executive visited and met with Herald brass.

However it appears that some in the newsroom can't wait any longer for word from the executive suite.

They've turned to a higher authority for help.

A newsroom source reports that someone has left a large life-size replica of a rooster on a counter in the fifth floor newsroom that's visible to all who enter from a bank of elevators. My source says from 20 feet away the bird looks very real.

A sign attached to the rooster reads: "Brought in by a Santeria priest (the real deal from Hialeah) to help save our jobs. Leave an offering."

As of 5pm, the counter on which the 20-inch tall colorful rooster stands was littered with an assortment of tributes including coins of all denominations, two wrapped cigars, a half-smoked hand-rolled cigar from Little Havana, a tiny plastic doll with a sign that says: "Feed the niƱos," a Virgin de Guadalupe candle and what appears to be a plastic "dashboard Jesus."

There's no humor like newsroom gallows humor.

Good luck to all at the Herald.


  1. Why not try sacrificing Glenn Garvin? Can't hurt either way.

  2. Poor Glenn. Never gets the respect he deserves. I know for a fact that he does not practice Santeria. He has, however, sacrificed virgins from time to time everywhere from Austin to Managua to Miami.


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