Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday night at the Herald..... apparently when the inmates are in charge. Are things really getting this bad over there?

The time stamp on the story is 7:01pm and as of 9:50pm the story was still posted -uncorrected - with 3 pages of reader comments.


  1. It's also on the "front page."

    Although I guess it's always possible the man used chocks to choke, right?


  2. Oof. Pretty sad, considering the correct spelling appears right before the dateline. Even though that should have been edited out before posting the story.

  3. I woke up one morning last December to discover the Miami Dolphins were undefeated. A Sun-sentinel online headline saying the team was 12-0.

    Then there was an article after the London game detailing Jason Allen's almost(it was called back by a penalty) first career interception. The trouble is, Allen intercepted a pass in 2006.

    The South Florida news media asleep at the switch.

  4. BTW The Herald comment page still has the wrong headline.


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