Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What TV anchors do between the 6 and the 11

If you're Philadelphia anchor Larry Mendte you use that time to hack into your hot co-anchor's Yahoo e-mail account and read her mail, over and over and over and over again!

Mendte opened former colleague Alycia Lane's private e-mail account hundreds of times over many months, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday, and the FBI is investigating whether he passed on gossip about Lane to the media.

I've always said that TV news is news produced by idiots for idiots. I guess this episode just reinforces that notion.

(If you need proof of that just check out some of Larry's award-winning journalism in this clip.)

Anyway, you may remember Alycia as the "smokin'-hot" anchor on NBC6 a few years back. (As a matter of fact she's so hot I'm posting two pictures of her.)

She left Miami to anchor in Philly and got her pretty-little-self caught up in a couple of embarrassing episodes that TV types tend to get caught up in. (Remember Bill Kamal and Rick Sanchez?)

First Alycia sent pics of herself in a bikini to a sports nerd/anchor (don't all they fit that description?) at ESPN who just happened to be married. For some reason...even in this Internet age when stuff like this usually makes it online in nano-seconds...those pictures never surfaced, to the dismay of many.

And then late last year she experienced some sort of TV anchorwoman hyper-meltdown in NYC and punched an undercover female cop but only after calling her a "dyke bitch."

That incident got her fired in January of this year.

I have no idea if anyone cares about this but it does give me an excuse to post two great pictures of Alycia.

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  1. Rob Feder in the Chicago Sun-Times has an item about Lar today: http://www.suntimes.com/business/feder/983831,CST-FIN-feder03.article


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