Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend arrest figures

Here are the 2012 Miami Beach Memorial Day weekend arrest totals as compiled by the Miami Beach Police Department. (The arrests occurred over a 5-day period starting Thursday, May 24 at 7pm and ending Tuesday, May 29 at 7am.)

The total number of arrests made this year by Beach Police and other assisting police departments, (AOA on the graph) was 373. That's 58 fewer than last year's total of 431 arrests.

This year, a total of 54 people were arrested for felonies. Twenty-two were arrested for drug felonies, four for carrying a concealed firearm and five for battery on a police officer.

But the majority of this year's arrests were for misdemeanors.

Heading the list: 114 arrests for drug-related offenses. Police also issued motorists 1,027 citations for moving violations.

A police spokesperson points out that the number of calls for service this year dropped substantially compared to last year: 2548 this year compared with more than 3200 last year.

Footnote: Two people got tickets for loud music this year. In 2008 police issued 113 citations for loud music.

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  1. Interesting among males that the black/white ratio was almost 3:1 but for females it was almost evenly split.


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