Sunday, January 06, 2013

Miami Herald Deathwatch (cont.)

Last Wednesday I wrote about the Miami Herald's sleazy and borderline unethical practice of copying and pasting stories from CBS4's website where stories can be read for free; and re-posting them on the Herald's website which is not free..

Well, they're continuing the practice. They're just hoping you won't notice.


Here's a story as it appears on CBS4's website today...

SUV Sideswipes Road Ranger Truck in Miami
(Click images to enlarge.)

....and here's the same story - copied and pasted from CBS4's website - as it appears on the Herald's website without a byline or any indication of the story's origin.

Two Road Ranger vehicles involved in Interstate 95 crash


  1. It's ironic that for years the television and radio stations ripped off the Herald's reporting and now the tables have turned!

  2. It's not very subtle, is it?

    1. Well, they probably think that most of their readers aren't smart enough to figure out what they're doing. And a casual check of reader comments on many Herald stories bears that out. ;)


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