Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Pixels presents: How not to get your ass kicked by the police

Almost four days have passed since the contentious meeting at Miami city hall where Mayor Tomas Regalado and Commissioner Richard Dunn presented "evidence" they believed would show that Miami police chief Miguel Exposito should be fired.

Actually. the only person with the power to fire Exposito is the city manager and he hasn't said what he's going to do. The chief's job is safe for now.

Regalado, who picked Exposito as chief in 2009, has long since grown disenchanted with him.

Dunn wants Exposito gone in the worst way. He's not happy with the police crackdown last summer in some of Miami's crime-ridden neighborhoods that left four men dead in six weeks.

Dunn apparently believes that cops shouldn't be so quick to shoot when they're confronted with criminals carrying guns. Or something.

Last August Dunn told the Miami Herald that he "is praying police show sensitivity, and that youth on the wrong path change their ways.

"But most of all,'' said Dunn, ``we're going to pray that the violence ends."

Good luck with that commissioner.

So far this year, Miami cops haven't shot anyone

But Dunn's prayers don't seen to be getting the job done stopping violence and bloodshed in the 'hood.

Just three days into the new year, a 52-year-old father of four was gunned down in broad daylight near NW 61st Street and 12th Avenue.

In the meantime, Miami police haven't given any indication that they will be looking the other way if they see someone walking down the street brandishing an AK-47.

With that in mind, Random Pixels offers these 8 simple tips - via Chris Rock - on how not to get your ass kicked - or shot - by the police.

You can thank me later!

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