Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Watch NJ Gov. Chris Christie's epic smackdown of FOX News host Steve Doocy

Hurricane Sandy has killed at least 35 people in the U.S., caused billions of dollars in damage and left millions without power.

So, when NJ Gov. Chris Christie went on the FOX News channel to talk about the storm this morning, what was on host Steve Doocy's mind?

Why, a photo-op, of course...one that would have Gov. Christie and presidential candidate Mitt Romney touring storm-damaged New Jersey.

Via Raw Story:
(@ 2:10) “Over the last couple of months, you have appeared throughout the country, Governor, on behalf of Mitt Romney,” Doocy remarked to Christie. “[W]e hear that perhaps Mr. Romney may do some storm-related events. Is there any possibility that Gov. Romney may go to New Jersey to tour some of the damage with you?”

“I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested,” Christie replied, immediately shutting down the idea. “I’ve got a job to do here in New Jersey that’s much bigger than presidential politics and I could [sic] care less about any of that stuff.”

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