Wednesday, January 06, 2016

10-year-old girl subjected to TSA pat-down after security officials find a juice pouch in her carry-on bag


Headline: TSA Chief Out After Agents Fail 95 Percent of Airport Breach Tests

Headline: Investigation Finds the TSA Didn’t Catch 73 Terrorism-Linked Airport Employees

Fact: Since 2002, TSA has fired 513 officers for theft.

Headline: Does the TSA Ever Catch Terrorists? If they do, for some reason they won't admit it.

Headline: Father Outraged By 'Uncomfortable' TSA Pat-Down on 10-Year-Old Daughter

A 10-year-old girl received an "uncomfortable" TSA screening at a North Carolina airport after security officials found a juice pouch in her carry-on, according to her father.

Kevin Payne, of San Diego, says his daughter Vendela was meticulously patted down by a TSA agent for nearly two minutes after mistakenly leaving a Capri Sun drink in her bag at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Payne recorded the pat-down with his cell phone.

"She just had a completely blank stare on her face," he told TODAY. "I could tell it was very uncomfortable for her."


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