Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Editors, editors? We don't need no stinking editors!

...from the Herald's website at about 12:25pm today, a butchered sentence that makes no sense with a misspelling thrown in for good measure!

Apparently the big shots at the Herald have figured out a few more ways to cut costs...looks like they've fired all the editors and proofreaders!

This is what you get when only one person - who makes about 8 bucks an hour - is responsible for what goes on the website...or so it seems!

How to fix it? Just chop off the misspelling and cross your fingers and hope that no one noticed it!

Now it makes even less sense! Way to go guys!


  1. Bill, why come you so konsernd wif werds 'n' gramar 'n' stuff?

  2. that post is so bad and kendra wilkinson.


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