Saturday, September 20, 2008

Memo to Harpal S. Kapoor, Director Miami-Dade Transit

To: Harpal S. Kapoor
Director, Miami-Dade Transit

I noted with interest that starting Oct. 1, the fare for riding either Metrobus or Metrorail will rise 33%, from $1.50 to $2.00 per trip.

It's "only the second Miami-Dade Transit fare increase in 18 years" according to the Herald so I guess I can live with it since I don't use the buses or Metrorail that often.

But since I live on South Beach, I do use the South Beach Local quite a bit.

I have one small request if I may.

According to the Herald, the fare hikes are expected to bring in an additional annual revenue of $20 to $22 million annually. May I suggest that you use a fraction of that money to retrain your drivers.

Specifically you might want to refresh them with the rules that are posted on every bus and train in the county. You know, the ones that prohibit smoking , drinking or eating on buses.

And you might want to start with the South Beach Local drivers since just this last week I saw no fewer than three drivers at different times eating while driving.

For instance on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at about 11:30am I boarded the South Beach Local (Bus #06304) on Washington Ave. and the first thing I saw was the driver stuffing his face with a large sub sandwich.

This is particularly ironic because the Local drivers, as you know, get a 5 to 10 minute break at the end of every trip at the Publix at West Ave and 20th Street. They have plenty of time to feed their face when they are on those breaks.

A side benefit of having drivers abide by the no-eating rule would be to cut down on the scores of cockroaches that now ride those buses for free!

Also, any chance you can get those drivers to start wearing name badges? It might work to make the drivers a little more courteous which is not an adjective I would use to describe a lot of your drivers.

And while I have your attention, any chance you can have them wash some of those buses a couple of times a week?

Thanks for your attention.

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  1. He should also lobby for more government subsidies for the MDTA. There's no reason why it cost more to use the clunky MDTA than it does to use New York's system -- which is a model of convenience compared to the MDTA.

    And I agree about the South Beach Local. Some of the drivers are really sweet, but a couple of them are kind of surly.


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