Saturday, July 06, 2013

Miami Beach attorney Michael Grieco volunteers to represent, pro bono, man arrested for selling ice cream [UPDATE x2]

A.J. Constantin and his "ice cream bicycle."

UPDATE x2: Mon. Aug. 19, 2013 -  Constantin's attorney, Michael Grieco, reports that all charges against his client were dismissed at a court hearing this morning.

UPDATED x1 below.

Miami Beach criminal defense attorney Michael Grieco announced on Friday that he's volunteered to represent, pro bono, Aleric "AJ" Constantin, the man arrested by Miami Police for selling ice cream out of the back of his bicycle in downtown Miami following a Critical Mass event on June 28.

In a statement emailed to Random Pixels, Grieco says:

I am formally representing Mr. Aleric Constantin as of today.

I offered to do so free of charge through my comments on the recent article [posted on] and I am glad AJ found me.

We are disappointed in the MIAMI police for its actions against my client.

The MIAMI police should have followed the lead of the Miami Beach Police, who exercised patience and maturity during Critical Mass.
The safety of bicyclists, pedestrians and vehicles should have taken priority over harassing my client over ice cream. That's right, ice cream. Did I mention that he was arrested and taken to jail over ice cream?"

UPDATE: Today I emailed Grieco and asked him why he decided to represent Constantin. Early Saturday evening he emailed this response:
"I decided to represent the guy because I think his arrest is ridiculous. The Miami Beach Police did a great job at Critical Mass and had higher priorities than taking out its frustrations on my client.
"Next we'll see [Miami Police] sting operations to shut down kids' lemonade stands. They could have given him a Promise To Appear (PTA) or left him alone, instead he sat in jail for a day and a half, over ice cream, costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. It was an abuse of power."

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