Thursday, July 16, 2015

It was a slow news day at Local 10 yesterday

During hurricane season, WPLG Local 10 has a feature they call the "Tropical Update" wherein the station promises to update viewers on tropical weather conditions in the first 10 minutes of every newscast.

Never mind that most times the updates are on weather systems that pose absolutely no threat to South Florida.

But Local 10 bosses know that if they keep their viewers on edge and scared sh*tless, they'll keep coming back for more.

Yesterday I noticed that the station now has a new feature:

The "Brush Fire Alert" feature is a variation on the "Tropical Update."

Local 10 decision makers apparently believe that some overgrown grass burning in the middle of nowhere is "news" you need to know, in much the same way a tropical disturbance in the middle of the Atlantic that has zero chance making landfall in South Florida is "news."

So yesterday, Local 10 began its noon news with a "Brush Fire Alert."

Before we go any further, let's take a look at the fire.

Monster brush fire in Southwest Ranches as seen from Sky 10.

That's news? you're asking.

Yes, according to the journalism geniuses at Local 10, it is.

Here's how Local 10's Breaking News Queen, Liane Morejon reported this huge story.
It seems this fire is pretty much contained. You can see behind me no smoke billowing, no one actively fighting this fire, but let's show you what it looked like just about an hour ago.

Crews were here actively fighting this fire. Not nearly as large as some of the brush fires we have seen in recent days but still a problem they had to attack nonetheless.

On the ground you could see after those flames were put out some smoke sort of smoldering from the ground there.

And then, inexplicably, Morejon says this: "At this point it is still unclear exactly how big this fire got...."

Actually, Liane, the video from Sky 10 shows exactly how big the fire got. So what in the hell were you talking about?

But now it's time for Liane to get right to the heart of this big story, the nut graph:
"As you can see right now back to these live pictures, this is under control. This is not posing any threats to any businesses, any buildings, any cars on the roadway. no smoke inhibiting your visibility." 

So if the fire isn't "posing any threats to any businesses, any buildings," why are you there, Liane?

Unfortunately we'll never get an answer to that question.

But the lack of any news value associated with this story isn't keeping Liane from digging for more answers: "So right now this is under control. We will, of course, as soon as we get any more information about exactly how big this fire was and how exactly they were able to put it under control, we will bring that to you."

Thanks, Liane. Get right back to us, will you?

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