Thursday, January 14, 2010

Memo to Domino's president: I want my money back!

In Domino's new ad campaign, the company's president, Patrick Doyle, admits that their pizza sucks big time.

Or at least the old pizza did!

But they've got it right now and they want you to try the "new pizza!" Because, as the ad says - they're now using "real cheese."

OK, so what in the hell were they using before?

But just give us another chance the ad says and "if you don't like our 'new pizza,' we'll give you your money back. All of it."

Tell you what Patrick...I'll go ahead and take your word that the new stuff is is lip-smackin' good. But since you're admitting that the pizza you used to sell was crap...can I get my money back for all those inferior pies I bought over the last five years?

However the "new" pizza has won over at least one customer.

Stephen Colbert said after taking just one bite of the new Domino's: "Is that pizza or did an angel just give birth in my mouth?"

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