Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who's in charge at the Herald?

I've been spending some time poring over old issues of the once-great Miami News that are now archived on Google.

Perhaps I'm being overly nostalgic, but I kind of wish that today's newspapers were as scrappy and two-fisted as newspapers back in the day seemed to be.

Newspapers of old got a lot wrong, but they also got a lot right.

But whatever their faults, they certainly weren't boring!

And while today's newspapers have to do more with fewer resources, there's no excuse for putting out an inferior product.

For instance, Rick, over at SFDB compared the St. Petersburg Times's coverage of the Gulf oil spill to the Miami Herald's coverage lack of coverage of the spill.


And while Rick seemed to infer that the St. Petersburg Times was an inferior paper because it's located in what he sarcastically calls "the booming metropolis of St. Petersburg," the rest of his message was right on target.

And that is that the Herald - and its executive editor Anders Gyllenhaal - have dropped the ball and let the paper's readers down by failing to cover a major story that could affect Florida and its tourist and fishing industries for years to come. These days Gyllenhaal seems more concerned with sending computers to Haiti.

But hey; we here at Random Pixels prefer to think of the glass as being half-full.

So while you may have to rummage around a bit on the Herald's web site to find mention of the oil spill; we had no trouble finding this excellent slide show featuring some tasty pics of the Florida Marlins Mermaids!



  1. The St. Pete Times is 10,000,000 times the newspaper the Herald will ever be, and beats them in circulation.

  2. Bill, you aren't alone in asking that question. The PEW Research Center's just-released study found that 49% of newspaper executives thought their profession was "headed in the wrong direction." The percentage was higher (64%) among broadcast executives.


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