Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Memo to Local 10 Parking Investigator Ross Palombo

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To: Ross Palombo, Local 10 Parking Investigator

From: The Random Pixels Hypocrisy Watchdog Desk

Dear Ross,

Just wanted to drop you a note - seeing how we're both "Investigators," and all that. (We "Investigators" got to stick together, right, bro?)

Anyhoo, I wanted to commend you on the fine exposé you did back in July on the shady dealings at the Miami Beach parking Enforcement Department.  If there's anything we investigators hate, it's people in government and authority expecting preferential treatment. Right, Ross?

I also liked the kick-ass piece you did on the abuse of the South Dade busway by cops and other county employees. That was such a great piece that I watched it 4 or 5 times.

So, here's why I'm writing...today someone sent me these pictures (see below) of one of your live trucks parked in front of a fire hydrant at Miami Beach City Hall.

Click here to enlarge.

Click here to enlarge.

Since you're all about equal treatment under the law, and standing up for the little guy, perhaps you can "investigate" this and do a three-part or four-part series on TV station live truck operators who think they can park anywhere they please.

I know you've only been in South Florida for a relatively short time, but as someone who's been a journalist in this town for over 30 years, I can emphatically state that live truck operators have been making up their own parking rules for as long as I can remember.

Get back to me if you can.

By the way, I just love it when you show up at those dirty restaurants unannounced. Wait, I think I got you mixed up with the short guy at your station.

Take care, Ross.

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