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The way we were...the day the cops and drug dealers switched places

Fake officers arrested by fake drug dealers

Associated Press

June 11, 1988

MIAMI - Police officers disguised as drug dealers busted drug dealers disguised as police officers in a sting operation capped by a car chase, two crashes and 20 gunshots.

The shoot-out occurred Thursday in the crowded parking lot of Miami International Mall near the city's airport, but no one was hurt.

The incident began with a reverse sting designed to catch three men federal drug agents initially thought were corrupt police officers, said Jack Hook, spokesman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Only after the men were arrested did agents learn that the suspects had been impersonating police to rip off drug dealers, Hook said.

Agents had set up a deal to sell about 65 pounds of cocaine to the suspects at the mall. Two undercover officers were waiting in a car when two of the suspects arrived.

''They pulled up behind the car, drew their guns and said they were Metro cops,'' Hook said. ''One of the undercover people was handcuffed, and both were taken out of the car.''

Then about 20 DEA agents and eight police officers moved in. The suspects opened fire, which was returned by police . Then the two suspects jumped into cars and drove off in opposite directions.

DEA agents gave chase, ramming the two cars to stop them. Arrested were Amado Lopez, 49, Juan Jose Ameneiro, 36, and Moises Naveira, 24, all of Miami , police said.

Hooks said the three will be charged with possession of cocaine, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and assault on federal law officers.
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Palm Beach Post, June 11, 1988.

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