Monday, February 24, 2014

Selling Your House - The Miami Herald way [UPDATE x1]

Miami Herald executive business editor Jane Wooldridge's home can
be yours for $2,2000,000. 


UPDATE: Miami Herald managing editor Rick Hirsch sent this email to media blogger Jim Romenesko:

Jane Wooldridge is our business editor. She and her husband, a Miami architect, are selling their home. Like most people who sell their homes, she hired a real estate agent.

Her real estate agent has an annual contract with the Miami Herald that includes a weekly ad on our Monday business magazine. This week, the agent included Jane’s home in that ad. The ad does not indicate who the home belongs to.

Jane played no role in placing the advertisement. She does not oversee our real estate reporter, who reports to a senior editor.

We see no conflict in a Herald employee patronizing an advertiser.


Miami Herald executive business editor Jane Wooldridge took to Facebook last Monday to announce to her Facebook friends that her house was "on the market!"

One of those who commented was Coconut Grove Realtor, Carol Smith. 

"Thank you Jane for allowing me to represent your beautiful home," wrote Smith. "Click here for a tour." she added.

Today, exactly one week after Wooldridge announced her home was for sale, an ad for Carole Smith, Realtor, magically appeared at the bottom of the Herald's business tab, Business Monday. 

And the home pictured in the ad? It's the home belonging to Herald executive business editor Jane Wooldridge. Now, with its own website!  Sale price $2.2 million.

Click here to enlarge.

Click here to enlarge. 

Wooldridge, who has been with the Herald for over 30 years, once served as the paper's travel editor before becoming business editor.

The Herald's business section, under Wooldridge, covers Miami's mammoth cruise industry and the Port of Miami (PortMiami.)

PortMiami, according to a Dec. 2012 report, is the "busiest cruise port in the world."

But somehow, in 2012, in what was termed a "unique arrangement," Travel + Leisure magazine appointed Wooldridge as its cruise editor.
In a unique arrangement, Wooldridge will remain The Miami Herald’s business editor and will also continue to oversee the visual arts coverage at The Herald while regularly reporting on the cruise industry for Travel & Leisure, effective immediately.

Posts by Jane Wooldridge on Travel + Leisure.

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