Monday, March 31, 2014

Random Pixels Guest Columnist: Gary Worth

Miami Beach resident Gary Worth left a message on Mayor Philip Levine's Facebook page a few days ago.

Will the mayor heed his advice?

Only the mayor can answer that question.

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I know the mayor has problems with newspapers. And yes, the original story could use more context. However, he seems to be OK with a headline in another newspaper that says 'terror tower' which is certainly also not responsible journalism in my book and reeks of sensationalism in favor of the mayor's point of view.

I have no opinion yet on the idea of a tower like this, but I have no problem with [The Herald] reporting this proposal and letting the idea float around. That's the whole point of a free press. We get to see thoughts, ideas and facts even if political leaders don't like them, or do not like the way they are presented.

Of course there is a process for a proposal like this. We all know that. But please mayor, you are not in charge of the press. Let them do their job, which is not to be a PR machine for any politician but rather to work on behalf of residents to hold political leaders accountable.

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