Thursday, May 28, 2015

Here's a video of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine doing his best to avoid answering a simple 'yes' or 'no' question

NBC6 reporter Tony Pipitone has been trying to get to the bottom of a story I first reported on this blog back in March.

Back then, word started circulating in Miami Beach law enforcement circles that Mayor Philip Levine - aka Mayor Dickhead - had accosted the driver of a Coca Cola delivery truck double-parked on Washington Avenue, climbed into the truck's cab and taken the keys because he wanted the driver to wait for a police officer to arrive and give him a citation.

Tonight, Pipitone aired the results of his investigation.

Watch the video below as Pipitone tries repeatedly to get the Mayor to admit that he took the keys from the truck.

Now watch the video below as a slimy, weasel-like politician named Rick Scott avoids answering a question four times. Not much difference between him and Levine, is there? (Same beady eyes, too.)

We're stuck with Rick Scott. But hopefully Miami Beach voters will come to their senses and vote the self-serving piece of crap Philip Levine out of office in the not too distant future.

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