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'Unbelievably respected' supporter of Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine abandons ship

"Were gonna need a bigger boat."
Former supporters of Miami Beach Mayor Philip
Levine are abandoning ship. 

THEN: March 12, 2014 -- Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine presents Dr. Morris Sunshine, a self-described "community activist," with a proclamation on the occasion of Sunshine's 90th birthday. In Levine's words, Sunshine is "unbelievably respected."

From the minutes of the City of Miami Beach Commission meeting, March 12, 2014.

Proclamation To Be Presented To Dr. Morris Sunshine For His Community Activism And 90th Birthday.

(Requested by Mayor Philip Levine)

ACTION: Proclamation presented.Mayor Levine stated that this proclamation is for somebody who is incredibly well known in Miami Beach and unbelievably respected - Dr. Morris Sunshine. Mayor Levine read the proclamation. Dr. Sunshine was a distinguished professor of Sociology at Syracuse University and other institutions of higher learning. He is a classic example of how the GI Bill has turned out productive, effective leaders scholars and teachers in the United States. He is a founding member of the South of Fifth neighborhood association. He has served with distinction on City of Miami Beach boards and committees for many years. He attends every power board meeting every month in City Hall and makes important contributions to whatever is under discussion. He is “Mr. Noise Control” and quality of life for all citizens of Miami Beach, and he rides with the Police Department and keeps an eye on the streets and he has never hesitated to help a neighbor or a neighborhood in need. He has been in a strong committed relationship of over 60 years with his wife Marsha and the best friend anyone would ever want to have. Therefore, Mayor Levine proclaimed March 12, 2014 “Dr. Morris Sunshine Day” in the City of Miami Beach.


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NOW: Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 -- Dr. Morris Sunshine emails his friends, telling them: "Philip Levine and members of his slate do not deserve the trust of the voters."

From: Morris Sunshine
Sent: Fri, Oct 23, 2015 9:34 pm
Subject: Some political geometry

Dear Friends,

I start from the same axioms that the Miami Herald editorialist did on Thursday when he illogically endorsed Philip Levine for mayor, but my deductions are different. Here they are, fully spelled out:


(1) Levine and Commissioner Wolfson made joint phone calls to vendors, lobbyists and developers to solicit money for a political action committee;

(2) This PAC, Relentless for Progress, was plainly designed to get around a Miami Beach ordinance which prohibits those kind of people from contributing to political campaigns;

(3) A second, equally important, objective of the PAC was to elect three stooge commissioners, who would always vote with the mayor, breaching the system of checks and balances provided for by the city charter;

(4) The ethical stink was bad, so bad that Joe Centorino, the Director of the county's Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, decided to investigate;

(5) Before the PAC was closed under public pressure, about $163,000 was transferred to a lobbyist, who is the mayor's agent, for distribution to the campaigns of the three stooge candidates; and

(6) The PAC also paid for several so-called non-political TV ads featuring the mayor.


(Th.1) The closing of the PAC has no moral significance because its establishment reveals a deep character flaw in the city's mayor. [See Ax. 1 and Ax.2]

(Th.2) Commissioner Wolfson and Mayor Levine vigorously attempted to establish a Pay-to-Play regime in Miami Beach. [Ax. 1 and Ax. 2]

(Corr. 1) The establishment of a Pay-to-Play system is the benchmark of a Big City Machine, like the Tammany Hall (NYC) and the Pendergast (Kansas City) machines.

(Th.3) If the Levine-Wolfson plan succeeds, we will have a king, not a mayor. [Ax. 3 and Ax. 5)

(Corr.2) The mayor's unlimited political ambitions for office have blunted his moral senses. (Ax. 6)

(Th.4) Philip Levine and members of his slate do not deserve the trust of the voters.

If you agree with this political geometry, please join me in supporting, with your money, your influence and your vote, the following people:

Mayor: David Wieder
Group IV: Kristen Rosen Gonzalez
Group V: Mark Weithorn
Group VI: Mark Samuelian

Best wishes,
Morry Sunshine

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