Monday, November 02, 2015

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine went on Michael Putney's show yesterday and told one lie after another

QUESTION: How can you tell when Miami Beach Mayor Philip
Levine is lying?
ANSWER: His lips are moving.

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine appeared on Michael Putney's show yesterday and it wasn't all that difficult to tell when he was lying.

Simply put, every time his lips moved he was lying.

He told one of his lies when Putney asked him about the Miami Herald's "tepid" endorsement of his candidacy.

"I'm so proud to have their endorsement, whichever way they want to give it ... The last time I ran for mayor ... they didn't endorse me, but I won in a landslide."

Landslide, Mr. Mayor?

You received 5641 votes. The other three candidates received a combined 5534 votes. You won with 50.48% of the vote. That's not a "landslide."

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Levine tells another lie when at the 5:02 mark on the tape when Putney asks him about his office staff brand manager and chauffeur.

Levine responds, "In business you're not allowed to lie. But in politics, for some reason, you're just allowed to lie." Levine goes on to say that "I have my own private driver ... I pay for myself."

Levine tells Putney, "We have 1.2 more people in our office than they had four or five years ago."

Actually, Mr. Mayor, those are also lies.

During the Sept. 10 budget meeting, then Commissioner Ed Tobin quizzed Budget Director John Woodruff on the cost of the mayor's driver.

As I wrote back on Sept. 11, "After quite a bit of prodding, Tobin was able to get Budget Director John Woodruff to admit the cost taxpayers to have a chauffeur squire the mayor around town is about $90,000 a year."

As for Levine's office staff being the same as it was four or five years ago under a previous decide.

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