Thursday, February 11, 2016

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine was proud that he harassed the driver of a Fed Ex truck ... so he posted a video on YouTube

Miami Beach Mayor Philip "Dickhead" Levine is gunning
for double-parked delivery trucks.

UPDATED on Feb. 12 @ 9:30 a.m.

After Mayor Levine confronted the Fed Ex driver, he called City Manager Jimmy Morales who then called someone in the police department. An officer was dispatched to look for the Fed Ex truck.

Armed with the truck's tag number, Officer Eric Dominguez tracked down the truck less than a mile away.
From: Chong, Hyok
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 3:26 PM
To: Causey, Mark
Cc: Dominguez, Eric; Jones, Wayne; Robinson, Ian
Subject: Blocking Lane of Travel


Officer Eric Dominguez conducted a traffic stop in the 1400 & 1500blk Washington Avenue ref. double park violation.

It was the FedEx white truck bearing FL tag GEYC77 from the Mayor’s video from Alton Road.

Thank you,


Hyok Chong, Lieutenant
Operations Division | Traffic Operations Unit
1100 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139


From: "Causey, Mark"
Date: February 11, 2016 at 3:41:31 PM EST
To: "Levine, Philip"
"Morales, Jimmy"
Subject: FedEx truck Blocking Lane of Travel

Mr. Mayor,

In response to the FedEx truck and driver that you videotaped earlier today blocking a lane of traffic along the 1400 block of Alton, Road, we were able to identify the driver, locate him doing the same thing along Washington Avenue. The FedEx driver received two separate citations.

Capt. Robinson and or Lt. Chong will be contacting the regional manager of FedEx and asking them to send out a directive to all drivers coming to our city and ask them to comply with rules or they will be cited.



Mark Causey, Major
Operations Division Commanding Officer
1100 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: 305-673-7776, ext. 5662 / Fax: 786-394-5023

Ironically, Officer Eric Dominguez has first hand knowledge of what happens when citizens with video cameras hit the record button.

Four years ago, Dominguez was videotaped racing down the sands of Miami Beach like a NASCAR driver.


The City of Miami once had a commissioner whose city car was equipped with a police radio. It wasn't long before some started calling J.L. Plummer, "Commissioner Kojak."

From Miami New Times:
In 1975 the commissioner helped arrest three men who had beaten and robbed an elderly man downtown. Plummer spotted the attack, radioed the cops, and used his Cadillac to pin one of the hoodlums. He handcuffed the miscreant to a pole until Miami cops arrived. The other two robbers were later nabbed by police.

In 1981, the Miami Herald reported that Plummer and one other Miami commissioner regularly wore ankle-holstered guns into City Hall. The same story reported that Commissioner Joe Carollo kept a machine gun in the trunk of his car.

Miami Beach doesn't have any politicians who carry guns or handcuff miscreants.

But there is Mayor Philip Levine who seems to be on a mission to rid the streets of double-parked delivery trucks.

Here he is in action today haranguing a Fed Ex driver for daring to double park on Alton Road.

Levine was so proud of his crime-busting prowess that he posted the video on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The Miami Herald reports that Levine texted Miami Beach city manager Jimmy Morales and that the driver was later cited.

There's a reason why I call Levine, "Mayor Dickhead." And that's because he's a dickhead.

Here's a guy out busting his ass trying to earn an honest living, and a chauffeur-driven, multi-millionaire douchebag politician is busting his balls.

But this is Levine's modus operandi. He's like Miami Beach's low-rent, flea market version of Donald Trump: a loud-mouthed bully.

This kind of behavior is not out of character for Levine. Last year he climbed into the cab of a double-parked Coca-Cola truck and snatched the keys from ignition and made the driver wait until cops arrived and ticketed him

On Facebook, some criticized Levine for his behavior towards the Fed Ex driver. 

Levine's been making an ass of himself lately.

Last week while stumping for Hillary Clinton, he actually went on national television and said "I understand now Senator Sanders is going to be offering free Uber, free Netflix, free Starbucks coffee."

Levine fancies himself as Miami Beach's version of Michael Bloomberg. But it's hard to imagine Mike Bloomberg when he was mayor of NYC, running down the street screaming like a ninny at a Fed Ex driver while filming the entire thing with an iPhone.

Memo to Mayor Levine: In case you've forgotten, Florida once had a Governor who earned the respect of voters by literally walking in their shoes.

He didn't disrespect and harass men and women who earned their daily bread by the sweat of their brow.

In 1977, Bob Graham spent the first of what he would come to call his "workdays."

Well into the 80s, Graham toiled beside ordinary working men and women, completing hundreds of workdays.

You should try it sometime, Mr. Mayor.

You might even learn a thing or two.  And you won't come off looking like a complete ass.


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