Thursday, January 26, 2017

Here's the first of Marty Merzer's 'I'm-not-making-any-of-this-up midday Minority President update ™'

Retired Miami Herald senior writer Marty Merzer has pretty much seen it all in his more than four decades as a journalist.

But after reading his Facebook posts since Trump was sworn in less than a week ago, one gets the sense that even Merzer - an old hand at covering disasters of all kinds - wasn't quite ready for the disaster that is the Donald Trump administration.

(Just last night - according to one website, "Trump crank[ed] up the crazy to 11" in an interview broadcast on ABC.)

With that in mind, here's the first - and maybe the last, depending on Merzer's mood - "I'm-not-making-any-of-this-up midday Minority President update."


By Marty Merzer

I'm really not sure about doing this, but in response to some requests, here's an I'm-not-making-any-of-this-up midday Minority President update:

- In response to the Minority President's declaration about the wall, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto just canceled next week's visit to Washington. A few wise-ass White House reporters wondered if Taco Tuesday also would be canceled.

- Meanwhile, former Mexican President Vicente Fox, again digging as deeply as possible into his diplomatic vocabulary, tweeted: "Donald, don't be self-indulgent. Mexico has spoken, we will never ever pay for the #FuckingWall."

- As Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson entered the State Department today, the entire Department of State senior management team resigned. These apparently were not pro-forma resignations. They actually left. They were career diplomats who served under Democratic and Republican administrations.

- Managers of many of the several dozen alternate federal agency Twitter feeds, created to resist censorship by the White House, today changed their logos so as to avoid trademark issues with their home agencies. Some have handed off control of the ungagged Twitter feeds to non-government employees, though the content is still coming from federal employee-resisters.

- "Sorry, we are not ready for the apocalypse. Still so many National Parks to visit!," tweeted NatlParksUnderground.

- "Clearly @realDonaldTrump never watched Revenge of The Nerds. #resist," tweeted AltEPA.

- Some EPA employees reportedly are coming to work in tears. (Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of federal employees will be confronting profound personal issues as they attempt to balance their professional integrity with their families' livelihoods. They deserve our support.)

- A large number of scientists are planning a Scientist March on Washington.

- The Minority President took a slow, solo stroll across the White House lawn, sort of smiling for the cameras. He didn't narrow his eyes in that sexy supermodel way, but we can always hope for tomorrow.

- Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (fluoride is controlling our minds; the government faked the Sandy Hook school shooting, using actors) said he has been offered White House media credentials. The White House denied it.

- And so on.

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