Thursday, February 09, 2017

Lt. Javier Ortiz, the Miami Police Department's biggest social media whore, has a mancrush on President Donald Trump

Miami Police Lt. Javier Ortiz's love for Donald Trump
is binding and unconditional.

Some police officers spend entire careers without ever showing up on the media's radar screen or being mentioned in a newspaper story.

But Miami police Lt. Javier Ortiz is not one of those cops.

Ortiz who joined the department about a dozen years ago as just another cop just doing his job, was first mentioned in a 2005 Miami Herald story that noted Ortiz had the mug shot of a wanted rapist on his cell phone's home screen.

But in the past few years, hardly a month has passed that Ortiz doesn't make news.

A 2013 Miami New Times story said that Ortiz - who was president of Miami's Fraternal Order of Police - "has officially now become one of the oddest characters in Miami."
In the past month he's been accused of abusing his power by NFL player Jonathon Vilma. He blamed teenager Israel Hernandez for his own death. News of a controversy in which he allegedly illegally beat and Tasered a tourist during Ultra Music Festival in 2011 and filed a false police report after the fact has reemerged. (And that's just the recent controversial things this guy is connected to.)

Well, now through his power as police union prez, he's openly telling potential recruits to stay away from the Miami Police Department.
Early last year, muckraking blogger Al Crespo reported that some were calling Ortiz "little more than a media whore looking to enhance his personal image through his use of incendiary comments [on social media.]"


Dec 21, 2016: Miami Police Union Chief Javier Ortiz Reprimanded for Doxxing Private Citizen

Nov 16, 2016: Miami's Police Union Chief, Who Has Led Cop Protests, Slams Anti-Trump Demonstrators

 Sept 2, 2016: Miami Police Union Chief Javier Ortiz Sued for Allegedly Beating Man During Miami Heat Championship Celebration

Aug 18, 2016: Banned From Ultra After $400,000 Brutality Lawsuit, Miami Police Union President Javier Ortiz Fights for Back Pay

April 25, 2016: Miami Police Union's Threatened Boycott of Beyoncé's Concert Didn't Work Out

Aug 14, 2015: Police Union Smears Woman Who Posted Video of Police Beating on Facebook


Had you visited Ortiz's Twitter page last year, you might have seen this....

But since Donald Trump's election last November, Ortiz has redefined social media whoredom.

Ortiz's Twitter feed - which has been renamed to @MiamiFOP20 - at one time a hot mess of disconnected thoughts - is now a place for adoring tributes to our mentally unstable commander-in-chief, Donald Trump.

You'd think that a career law enforcement officer like Ortiz who's trained to spot criminal behavior, would steer clear of a draft-dodging, self-professed sexual predator.

But with Trump's election, Javi's Twitter feed is all Donald, all the time.

Click all images to enlarge.

Occasionally, Ortiz's Twitter feed takes a bizarre, religious turn when he re-tweets stuff like this written about a President who, despite there being little evidence of him ever having read the Bible or stepping inside a church.

Ortiz, it seems is perfectly fine with religion....just as long as it's his religion.

Last June, in a Facebook post, Ortiz clumsily tried to connect President Obama to terrorist acts.

After Facebook removed the post, Ortiz re-posted it on Twitter.

In July, he re-tweeted a tweet that appeared to make a connection between President Obama and Islam.

The year before, in 2015, Ortiz attacked an assistant Miami police chief because of her Muslim faith.

At the time, Ortiz wrote that “Religious and political views have no business being reflected when wearing a police uniform.”

But because Ortiz tweets and posts on Facebook as a union official,  he's not held to the same standard as other police officers.

Which means he gets away with re-tweeting garbage like this.....

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