Friday, October 08, 2010

An open letter to Anders Gyllenhaal

Dear Anders:

Thought you might like to know that things have gotten so bad at your paper that I now have friends calling from out of town to alert me to strange things on your paper's website.

I'm referring to your coverage of the ongoing rescue at the Hollywood water tower.

A friend called just a few minutes ago and said: "I've read the story three times and I still don't know what's going on. It took three writers to confuse me," she said, referring to the three bylines on the story.

This is a story that's being played out on the cable news channels and the facts are pretty simple. Two workers fell into the water tank when scaffolding broke. One has been rescued and rescuers are working to get the other man out. I know this because I read it in the Sun-Sentinel's story.

But here are the first two grafs of the Herald story:
A delicate rescue operation is going on 150 feet in the air over Hollywood to save two rescue workers who fell into the giant water tank that looms above Interstate 95.

About 2:45 p.m., hours into the ordeal, one man was being pulled out of the bottom bowl of the tank. Rescuers were giving oxygen to the two injured men
Your writers have two rescue workers falling into the tank and one being rescued and then "Rescuers were giving oxygen to the two injured men."

See for yourself.
Click image to enlarge

As I write this at 4:45 pm, the lede has been rewritten but it's still a jumble of confusing facts. Reader comments below the story bear me out.

As I write this, both men have been rescued and hopefully they'll recover.

However there is one unanswered question. Who will rescue the Herald?

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