Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Writer finds douchebags galore at South Beach nightclub!

Matt Meltzer, writing for MiamiBeach411.com, has just posted a shocking expose in which he reveals that South Beach nightclubs are "riddled with rip-off artists and rampant douchebaggery," as Rakontur's Billy Corben so aptly puts it.

Matt's piece is as close to the velvet rope as I'll ever get! But it's allso one of the funniest thngs I've read about South Beach in a long time.
Since the VIP host seemed to have this pet peeve about people calling him, I instead called a promoter who said he could get me a reservation utilizing my card. He came recommended, and when I showed up at the club he was there. He ushered me inside, where the girl at the door immediately asked me for my Privilege Card.

“You all haven’t mailed it to me yet,” I told her. “I applied two months ago and you haven’t sent it to me. But you do email me, so I thought you would honor the email.”

“I have to scan the card,” she told me. “There’s nothing I can do.”

“Ok then,” I said. “We’ll go elsewhere.” With that, she went inside, conferred with a manager, and came back out saying they could honor the deal. He just needed an ID and a credit card. Since I was the “host,” like a sucker I again gave them both.

We were escorted to our table on what used to be the dance floor of a South Beach megaclub, now converted to a douchebag staging area. Our waitress immediately came over and showed me a menu. I had no use for her menu.
Read the full piece here.

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