Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rick Scott wants to be Florida's next governor

In this morning's Miami Herald, staffer Marc Caputo continues to shed light on Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott's complete lack of morality. Scott is, quite possibly, the most corrupt person ever to run for the office of governor.

In this morning's paper, Caputo writes of Scott's fuzzy memory and outright obfuscation "in a series of sworn depositions he gave in lawsuits against his former hospital company."
TALLAHASSEE -- Rick Scott the candidate promises voters ``the unvarnished truth.''

But Rick Scott the witness offers little but murky testimony.

In a series of sworn depositions he gave in lawsuits against his former hospital company, Scott appears to be the polar opposite of the straight-talking Republican candidate for governor in his television ads.

Under oath, Scott displays a poor memory and a penchant for parsing words. He answers a lawyer's questions with questions. Smirking or shrugging his shoulders, his darting eyes survey the room in a video deposition in an anti-trust case brought by Orlando Regional Healthcare System against Scott's former company, Columbia/HCA.

Caputo does a great job of documenting Scott's selective memory.
He doesn't remember much, such as signing letters at the center of the Texas case in which a physician successfully sued on the grounds that Columbia damaged his El Paso, Texas, medical practice by secretly luring away his partner.

``I sign letters all the time that I have not read,'' Scott said.

Jack Ayers, the plaintiff's lawyer, pressed Scott to describe what he meant in the letter by saying they had an ``understanding.''

``What is it?'' Ayers asked.

``It's a letter,'' Scott said.

Ayers: ``What does it say?''

Scott: ``It says these words.''

Ayers: ``And what does that mean to you? If you were to characterize that?''

Scott: ``I would characterize it as a letter with these words.''

But how bad is it when someone like Rick Sanchez manages to make you look sleazy?

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