Wednesday, April 04, 2012

David Samson's advice to Little Havana residents: 'Walk more, complain less'

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News item:
(CBSMiami) – It’s truly a new era for the Miami Marlins as the team has agreed to pay $40,000 to convert four municipal lots into parking for residents living around the stadium.
“We appreciate having this ballpark in Little Havana, we’re proud to be in Little Havana,” said team president David Samson. “It’s all about being a great neighbor and taking care of the people we live with every day now.”

When a reporter pointed out that some residents will have to walk a distance from the parking lots to their homes, Samson replied, “I would assume you’d have to walk a few blocks, but that would be good. It’s nice to walk in Miami.”
Yes, David Samson actually said that.

Here's another headline we'll probably be reading in a few months: "Team president David Samson says Miami Marlins will buy umbrellas for Little Havana residents to help them get through the rainy season."

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