Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Contempt of court

From Miami Herald story on Judge Jeri Beth Cohen's ruling that a new ballpark funded primarily through tax dollars serves the public good:
"[Judge] Cohen noted the county didn't do an economic impact study for the Little Havana area, said the site has no link to downtown, noted the team did not have to make its financials public even though almost $400 million in public money would be spent, and agreed with Braman that clear proof does not exist that a new stadium would stimulate the neighborhood."
"One midday game last week drew fewer than 600 fans in their seats for the first pitch."
Also from the Herald today:
"Rudy Crew gets $368,000 to leave Miami-Dade schools."
OK, I'm a little slow so let's see if I have this right; we get to pay $368,000 to get rid of a school superintendent we don't want and we get to pay $400 million to build a stadium we don't want and no one will go to.

Is this a great town or what?

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