Friday, September 05, 2008

Why Republicans hate the elite media -- two words: Secret Handshake

The secret Eastern Elite Media handshake.
The Republicans have wrapped up their four day extravaganza in Minneapolis and are now headed home.

Their agenda was pretty simple.

They spent Day One pretending that they care about victims of natural disasters.

And they spent the next three days going out of their way to avoid mentioning George W. Bush.

Some of that time was consumed bashing the Eastern Elite Media who dared question John McCain's pick of a candidate for vice president who he had only met once, who had no credentials and even less experience.

Of course they forgot that most Americans are smart enough to see through their charade and who know that without the media we wouldn't have learned that Sarah Palin, as mayor of her town, tried to have books banned from the town library and then fired the librarian. Courted a right-wing fringe group that has views slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun. And is now being investigated for firing the head of the Alaska state police who wouldn't cave in to her and fire her ex-brother-in-law who is a state trooper.

Voters know that when politicians start complaining about the media they're usually trying to hide something or at the very least divert the public's attention from more important issues. We all remember Spiro Agnew.

All of this ironic because at one time John McCain had a great relationship with the media, even inviting some members of the Eastern Elite Media to his birthday party four years ago where he probably regaled them with tales of his skirt-chasing days when he dated models and strippers.

But that's all changed because now McCain actually has a shot at the presidency. So it's back to the old ways.

But the real reason many on the right hate the media is because we're cool.

Hell, we even have a secret handshake.

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