Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Down and out on South Beach

OK, so you're a little down on your luck.

You've been wearing the same clothes for the past five days and you haven't eaten since last night.

But that sand feels mighty warm on your back and the soft breeze blowing in off the Atlantic takes your mind off the gnawing emptiness in your gut.

Or maybe you've been wearing those clothes all winter, haven't had a bath in months and can't remember the last time you actually sat down to a hot meal in a restaurant.

But you're spending the day on Miami Beach where the temperature hit 79 degrees today.

Earlier you picked up a newspaper and read that the temperature yesterday in New York City was 19 degrees at sunrise.

So while things could be a whole lot better at least you're not freezing your ass off.

But now it's time to go out and see if a kind stranger will give you a buck or two for a hamburger and a cup of coffee.

After that you'll worry about where you're going to sleep tonight.

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  1. When I moved to South Beach in 1991, one of the reasons was that I thought I might eventually wind up homeless (I had a serious problem with depression) and I figured this wouldn't be the worst place for that. My treatment for depression has been successful and I'm still not out on the street, but with the current economy, I'm still a little worried about winding up homeless.


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