Thursday, January 01, 2009

Fireworks ... up close and personal!

I've never really been a big fireworks fan. I've seen glimpses of fireworks shows. It's a fact of life when you live here on Miami Beach.

I've certainly never set out to take pictures of fireworks. I just find the displays kind of boring. I mean, you've seen one fireworks display you've seen them all.

But tonight I figured out the reason why past fireworks displays were boring.

I wasn't close enough!

I was at a friend's apartment on South Beach. He lives in a building at 9th St. and West Ave.

So as midnight got closer we went out on his sixth floor balcony to watch the display over the Miami skyline.

And then all of a sudden it sounded like World War III had just started.

Fireworks started shooting off from a barge that was moored in the bay right behind the Mondrian Hotel at West Ave and 11th St not more than 100 yards from where we stood.

The explosions were deafening.

I pointed my camera and grabbed a few shots.

Fireworks are long as you're close enough to actually hear and feel them!

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  1. "I've never really been a big fireworks fan. I've seen glimpses of fireworks shows."

    My sentiments exactly. And I agree entirely about proximity making a huge difference. If you're not close, it's just... eh, whoop-de-doo.


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