Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bahamas has one less 'gator...

...Which now brings the total number of alligators living the the Bahamas to ... zero.

A few years ago there were two.

Miami wildlife biologist Joe Wasilewski was hired to trap it.

That left one.

Joe reports that over the weekend he trapped the last remaining 'gator at a golf course at Great Harbour Cay.

If Joe's name sounds familiar that's because he's been written about extensively in South Florida.

The Herald loves writing about Joe.

For years Joe monitored the American crocodile population that inhabited the cooling canals at Turkey Point power plant.

And Joe was part of the team that captured - 20 years ago next month - a 20-foot long reticulated python that was living under a house in Fort Lauderdale.

I like to tell people that Joe is Miami's version of Steve Irwin.

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