Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glenn Garvin unloads (again) on "Miami Social"

Everyone's talking about Miami Herald TV critic Glenn Garvin's classic blistering last week of the puke-inducing reality show, "Miami Social."

And Garvin, probably recognizing that he may not get another juicy target like this in his sights for a while, unloads (again this time on video) on the show.

Garvin admits that one scene in "Miami Social" made him nostalgic for the days when a TV show shot in Miami didn't "have fish-sex in the first three minutes" and also admits he likes beating dead horses!


1 comment:

  1. Miami Social is a JOKE! The characters are TACKY, PRETENTIOUS, and so NOT MIAMI COOL! Who are these clowns??? Katrina Campins is the only person with any national name recognition, and she's really milking her five minutes of fame. The show sucks, and if its ratings are any indication, Bravo struck out on this one.


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