Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WLRN ready to name new Evenin' Jazz host

UPDATED: Erik Maza at Miami New Times has now updated his earlier post and reveals that WLRN's new "Evenin' Jazz" host is Tracy Fields.

Sources tell Random Pixels that WLRN is ready to name a new host for its long-running "Evenin' Jazz" program that has been hosted by Len Pace for over 30 years.

A few weeks ago Miami jazz lovers learned that Pace was planning to retire from his marathon gig at the end of February.

Miami New Times reported at the time that Pace would be replaced by an "automated feed."

Today New Times is reporting that station managers have backed off plans to replace Pace with a computer.
The station hasn't chosen a replacement for Pace yet, but "it has a pretty good idea," [programming director Peter] Jay says.
However, Random Pixels has learned that 'LRN honchos have indeed picked a replacement for Pace.

They plan to name his replacement during an extended edition of Joseph Cooper's "Topical Currents" program on Wednesday that will air from 2 to 3pm and that will pay tribute to Pace.

Jay hosted "Evenin' Jazz" last night and at one point told listeners that the station had picked a replacement for Pace but that the decision was not yet "official."

I've learned who the replacement is but I'm holding back on revealing the name at the request of the source. I can say that the name of the new host will be instantly recognizable to WLRN jazz fans.

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