Friday, November 26, 2010

A life of crime comes to an end

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Derrick Leonard Fussell / 1982 - 2010

Derrick Leonard Fussell's criminal career came to a crashing end Thanksgiving eve.

From the Miami Herald:
Miami-Dade police on Friday identified two armed intruders who were killed during a home invasion on Thanksgiving Eve.

Dead in the robbery attempt: Derrick Fussell, 28, and Gustavo Perez, 23.

Police say the two men burst into the apartment at 17255 SW 95th Ave. at about 10:20 p.m. on Wednesday. The homeowner, Antonio Luis Delpino, 27, fired at the men.

Perez was felled by the gunfire. Fussell jumped from the third-floor apartment in an attempt to escape, and died from his injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
Clearly, Fussell and his partner in crime, Perez, picked the wrong apartment to rob.

What's not so clear is why Fussell or Perez were on the street in the first place. Both have extensive have criminal histories.

The Herald story doesn't answer that question or offer any information other than what's contained in the Miami Dade Police press release.

So I did a little digging.

Perez, 23, has been arrested for home invasion and attempted murder but apparently never did any jail time. The Clerk of the Court website shows that Perez was convicted and given two years probation as a "youthful offender" on the home invasion and attempted murder charges in 2008.

Fussell's most recent arrest was back in September when he was busted for "Driving While License Suspended/Habitual" which is a felony.

A check of criminal court records shows that Fussell has arrests dating back to 2002.
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In July 2003, Fussell was arrested for home invasion robbery, aggravated battery, armed robbery and false imprisonment. The Clerk of the Court website says the cases were closed two months later in August with "no action taken."

In addition to the Driving while license suspended charges and the July 2003 slew of charges, Fussell also has been arrested for various drug possession charges, battery, disorderly conduct and armed robbery. In 2002 he was popped for "improper exhibition of a firearm." The disposition of the firearm case is listed as "nolle pros" which means the State attorney declined to prosecute the case.

But South Florida residents can sleep a little easier tonight.

Wednesday night, Antonio Luis Delpino accomplished in a few seconds what the county criminal justice system hadn't been able to do in 8 years. He took Derrick Fussell off the streets for good.


  1. Nice work! Keep it up!

  2. I don't see anything wrong with shooting to kill when people like this scumbag breaks into somebody home, I will meet anyone that does that to my safe haven, the same way, rain of bullets. Rules of survival and engagement, nothing personal really.

  3. Perez was in prison from 10/2008 to 1/2010

  4. I'm curious how Perez, who was either 20 or 21 in 2008, could have been sentenced as a "youthful offender" on violent felony charges of home invasion and attempted murder? Last I heard you had to be under 18 to even be considered a "youthful offender" and that depended on previous crimes and the nature of the crime you were accused of.

  5. cops r a bunch of liars! perez is my older bro and everything that was said on the news was B.S!!no one knows the real truth but us && u guys only sit here and criticize other people when you don't even know the facts! you guys aren't SAINTS!!!don't talk if u don't know what ur talking about or better yet commenting about ASSHOLES!

  6. "Maria Medrano said...
    cops r a bunch of liars! perez is my older bro and everything that was said on the news was B.S!!no one knows the real truth but us && u guys only sit here and criticize other people when you don't even know the facts! you guys aren't SAINTS!!!don't talk if u don't know what ur talking about or better yet commenting about ASSHOLES!"

    Maria...I hope your Bro is resting/roasting in Hell!

  7. You know Anonymous,i can understand what happened is F@#$% up, but u could have been a little more respectful. Derrik was my younger brother. I DON'T condone what they did in no way but you can thank the city of Miami for not doing what they were supposed to do and keep them behind bars. nobody wants to see a family member in trouble like that or die from something they shouldn't of been doing but but if the courts didn't drop the ball Perez and my brother should of been doing time instead of out on the streets. i'm hurt because my family has to suffer with a loss but pissed at the same time that he should of turned his self in or sought some type of help. I guess being on the other side of the fence now changes the way i feel but noone should have to deal with a situation like this in either aspect

  8. The only people that need to be blamed for Derrick's and Gustavo's deaths are Derrick and Gustavo. The minute they decided to jack Antonio is the minute they assumed the risks that doing the crime assumes.


    End of story.

  9. It's really sad that gus died he was not a bad person it's a shame that he didn't learn his lesson the first time. Specially after all the suffering his mom & dad have gone through. He left 3 sisters behind that really loved him may he rest in peace.

  10. Annonymous:

    u say u hope my bro is resting/roasting in hell how about u go f*** urself cause i know exactly who this is saying this crap. Ok fine my brother has done some wrong in his life but guess what? SO HAS EVERY1 ELSE!!ur NOT perfect and neither is any1 else thinking they're cute to talk Sh*t on here. Grow up a little bit u dumb child and stop talking about the dead cause when U die u wouldn't like it if some1 was saying sh*t about U!!!

  11. amen to all the people that see it was wrong god struck him dead for doing wrong!!!!!

  12. All I can say is... Our dad taught us how to shoot and shoot well... TJ as antonio has been called since we were kids is a good guy and was simply trying to keep himself safe. You mess with the bull, you get the horns...

  13. Derrick we miss you. I has been three years since you pass. Your little boy is going to grow up to be a great man. He is doing very well in school and a really smart kid. He misses you. Sometimes people say things they have no business saying. We know you love your little boy and you were trying your best for him. We are all taking care of him for you.


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