Thursday, June 10, 2010

WTVJ - July 4, 1976

WTVJ's Bob Mayer recently announced his retirement.

But he'll live on in our memories thanks to YouTube!

Check out that 70's big hair along with those wide ties!

And in the video below, Bob Mayer does WTVJ's first ever "Breaking News" live shot; Nov. 20, 1975
They call it 'Breaking News' today, but on November 20, 1975 this was a first - breaking into regular programming for a 'LIVE' field report. WTVJ was the only station in South Florida at the time with live capability. The station had sent reporter Bob Mayer to cover a speech by Ronald Reagan, who had just announced he would challenge Gerald Ford for the GOP Presidential nomination in 1976. But WTVJ didn't send a photographer. When it appeared an attempt had been made on Reagan's life, the station sent its 'Live-Eye' van to the scene to meet Mayer, two hours after the podium had been removed. It was all over but the 'Live' report! Watch here as legendary anchor Ralph Renick breaks in and throws to Bob Mayer for the station's first live field report.

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  1. I still miss Uncle Ralph! He was the best, bar none in my book.


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