Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friends of Random Pixels make the news!

Two Miami friends of Random Pixels show up in national newspapers today.

Long-time friend Raul DeMolina - a former photojournalist and co-host of the Univision show, "el Gordo y la Flaca" - gets some play today in the NY Post with a harrowing tale of his close brush with death in Africa.
TV host Raul De Molina (above with wife Milly and daughter Mia) feared he would be eaten alive by lions after his car caught fire while on safari in South Africa. De Molina -- nicknamed "El Gordo" and Spanish-language TV's best-known personality -- has been hosting Univision's World Cup coverage from Johannesburg. He took a few hours off for a safari last weekend when his Mini Cooper suddenly burst into flames, forcing him out in the middle of the lion enclosure.
A park ranger later told De Molina that 10 years ago, a Chinese tourist had got out of his car and was eaten alive by lions. There you have it! African lions love Chinese food but aren't crazy about Cuban. Go figure!

In other news, Joann Biondi, author of Miami Beach Memories - A Nostalgic Chronicle of Days Gone By, gets some major ink in USA Today with a story about her cat, Lorenzo. She rescued Lorenzo from a trash can and he now pays her back for her kindness by posing for her in all kinds of costumes.

I'm not normally a fan of dressing up any kind of animal, but Joann's pics of Lorenzo the Cat have a certain kind of quirky charm about them; about 95% of that is due to the fact that Lorenzo actually looks like he enjoys having his picture taken!


  1. Raul De Molina? Formerly known in the 80s and 90s as WGP -- "World's Greatest Photographer?"

    Wow! Who knew he was even still around?

  2. @South Ocean: Yes, he's still around...and I'd forgotten about the WGP nickname. Something tells me that I know you! ;)


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