Monday, September 13, 2010

The search is over

Miami Herald photographer Tim Chapman

A years-long search by Miami Herald photographer Tim Chapman may be coming to a happy and poignant end.

Chapman, and Herald reporter Luisa Yanez, have been searching for at least five years for a baby that was part of the Mariel boatlift.

Says Chapman, "I've always wondered what happened to that kid."

Mariel refugees /Miami Herald photo by Tim Chapman

Chapman photographed the baby, (above) at Eglin Air Force base in May 1980.

On Sunday, Yanez wrote that efforts to find the boy had failed.

But today, according to my sources, a relative of the boy - who's now a young man in his 30's - called the paper and gave Yanez his name and contact information.

Chapman is scheduled to meet the young man on Thursday and have his picture taken with him.

Keep checking the Miami Herald for updates, on what will no doubt be, the "feel-good" story of the year.

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