Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Pixels experiences a bump from "The U"

Yesterday I tuned into WQAM to listen to Rakontur Film's Billy Corben talk about his latest projects.

I wasn't sure there would be enough material for a post but at the end of the show, Billy dropped a bombshell!

As soon as he was off the air I called him and asked him a few questions. I then posted a short item about him putting his planned sequel to "The U" on hold.

Right after I posted on my blog, I sent Billy the link which he promptly posted to "The U's" Facebook page.

It was only a minute or two before, "The Billy Corben Effect" kicked-in and started ratcheting up my blog's page views.

You can see it in the spike on the right hand side of the graph. The only other sizable jump I've experienced this month happened back on Sept. 14 when one of my posts ended up on Jim Romenesko's blog; a widely-read media news blog. That's the large spike on the left-hand side of the graph.
Click image to enlarge

I'm not sure what kind of traffic Romenesko's blog gets daily but "The U's" Facebook page has almost 100,000 followers. By comparison The Miami Herald's Facebook page has a little over 8,400 followers. Go figure.

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