Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's open the Random Pixels mailbag

Here's an email I got today from a regular reader of Random Pixels. A reader, who still gets home delivery of the Miami Herald.
Bill, I know this is old news I can't get over how little local coverage we're getting in the Herald. Check out today's local section and see how many of the reported stories have a Miami-Dade dateline. You could go back for six months and see similar results. What do I care about Margate or Pembroke Pines? Please don't use my name if you write about this, which you probably won't since it is, as I say, old news.
Dear reader, you are correct. With the exception of a locally-focused column by Jackie Bueno Sousa, the remaining three stories on 1B originate in Broward, including one written by a Sun-Sentinel reporter.

But aren't you being a little too critical? Just because the middle name of our hometown paper is "Miami" doesn't mean they always have to cover Miami.

By the way, did you see the nice photo of the woman walking her dogs in the fog in Miami Springs?

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  1. Check out the Sunday edition of the Hurled. Three quarters of the front page was their prepared copy of last year's Haitian earthquake aftermath. The shooting in Arizona -- arguably the biggest story of this young year -- got a couple column inches.

    And, in the Broward local section, there are always far more Sun-Sentinel bylines than Herald.

    Face it -- if you're not Latin-American, Central-American, Caribbean or a sports fan, the Herald has little to offer.


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