Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biscayne Bay piano mystery solved!

The Miami Herald has solved the mystery of the Biscayne Bay piano!

The Herald's Chuck Rabin reports that teenagers and liberal amounts of alcohol played a part in getting the piano to where it sits today: a sandbar in the middle of Biscayne Bay.
[T]his past New Year's Eve, as a crowd of about 100 gathered at the Harrington home in Miami Shores, the chants to burn the piano got louder and louder.

The crowd was obliged: The heavy piano was lowered by davits into a canal next to the Harrington home, and set ablaze. The next day, after cooler heads prevailed, the piano was gently lifted onto the family's 22-foot open fisherman. Then Harrington, his two sons and a neighbor set out for the sandbar -- where they set the piano ablaze, again.
Random Pixels ventured over to the scene of the crime Wednesday afternoon and we came back with these images:

Of course no crime scene is complete without a Channel 7 reporter providing live coverage.

Wednesday morning a photographer swam out to the piano with a waterproof camera and made this image.

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  1. I kayaked out to the piano just hours before it was taken away to do my write-up with the best set of pics::



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